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Seasonal Holiday Units Available
Beach Vacation

We are offering a seasonal (April to October) licence to occupy some of our units at a fixed price.

Imagine having your own holiday retreat to return to again and again, without the initial capital costs, maintenance costs, operating costs and the asset's residual loss when selling.

The season will run in line with the rest of the Park (April to October) in each year and the Unit will be licenced to you for your use.  It will not be let/rented/licenced to anyone else during that season.

We will still own the Unit.  We will insure the structure and maintain it in good condition.  We will undertake Gas Safety and Electrical Checks as required (but not your portable appliances).  The unit will have all fixed furniture including beds, tables, a cooker & hob etc. but the licensee will have to supply everything else. (Bed linen, towels, crockery, glassware, cutlery, small portable appliances, television, radio, vacuum cleaner etc.)  The licensee will be responsible for insuring their own contents as this will not be covered by the Parks insurance policy.  We will cover all standard maintenance issues.

In order to keep the base cost down the occupiers will be responsible for the payment of bottled gas and individually metered electricity.  This is only fair to those that will only visit occasionally.

Occupation is suitable for 4 persons comfortably.  The occupation is not limited to the Licensee as they can permit family and close friends to use the accommodation.  However sub-letting will not be permitted.

Dogs and visitors are free of charge.  One car may be parked adjacent to the unit, additional vehicles are upon request.

The idea of this proposal gives you the total flexibility to have a holiday home year by year without the long term commitment.  It will also be a comfort to many in the knowledge that they can have the enjoyment of a UK holiday destination that is totally self-contained and that the use has been limited to their own family unit.​

If this proposal is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss it further.

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